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Ancillary Health Care Test and Services

One of the best providers of ancillary solutions within the medical industry which caters to the prioritized care for every patient. Making sure physicians have more time for their patients and reducing burnout and improving practice.

In addition to providing patients more value per visit, ancillary services can also improve patient convenience, compliance, and quality. Improve outcomes, and reduce costs.

A proven clinical tool that allows you to scientifically validate and manage patient medications through empirical evidence, without the need to rely on inaccurate electronic medical records (EMR) or leave it up to an ineffective and time-consuming “brown bag” patient interview.

With this testing tool kit, it is possible to perform accurate empirical testing with a finger stick

As a result of medication reconciliation, patients receive a much higher level of care while safety and compliance are enhanced.

  • Drops of Blood Required
  • Finger Stick Sampling Device
  • No prep work or purchase of equipment required
  • Kits contain all necessary supplies, pre-paid shipping and easy to follow sample collection instructions.

Patients who take their Allergy Immunotherapy experience a significant improvement in their symptoms. Allergy immunotherapy is the only treatment that treats the cause of allergies and alters the course of the disease. By using immunotherapy, patients can see a marked improvement in quality of life, feel less uncomfortable and ill, and spend less on symptomatic drugs.

  • Provides treatment plans with or without shots.
  • Pain-Free, Needle-Free Skin Scratch Test
  • Fast Analysis
  • Effective Processing
  • Personalized Care

A suite of orthopedic solutions designed to improve outcomes and provide a better patient experience. Polar Care Cube helps patients recover more quickly after surgery thanks to its comforting features.

How cold therapy helps you recover?

Cold therapy reduces the pain and swelling typical of an orthopedic injury or surgery.

The Advantage of Motorized Cold Therapy – Polar Care Cube

  • Easy Setup
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Personal Cold-Treatment Therapist

Each day, new methods are being developed to fix fractures, replace joints, and repair tendons.

To accommodate rehabilitation, post-surgery or physical therapy/athletic training, we offer Reusable and Single Patient Use wraps.

Cold, Heat, Compression, and DVT Prophylaxis Availability.


  • Variety of Therapies
  • Latex-free
  • Available for All Body Parts
  • Cost-Effective
  • Easy To Use

Best Rehabilitation Products There is Currently

  • Abdomain Wrap
  • Arm Wrap
  • Full Arm Wrap
  • Back Wrap
  • Breast Wrap
  • Lower Cervical Wrap
  • Upper Cervical Wrap
  • Total Cervical Wrap
  • Foot/Ankle Wrap
  • Face Wrap
  • Head Wrap
  • Hip Wrap
  • Standard Knee Wrap
  • Knee (No Compression) Wrap
  • Medium Knee Wrap
  • Mini Wrap
  • Mini (No Compression) Wrap
  • Standard Shoulder Wrap
  • Medium Shoulder Wrap
  • Large Shoulder Wrap
  • Universal U Wrap
  • DVT Calf Wrap Set
  • DVT Foot Wrap Set
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